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Reiki Course - Level 1 , sharing a meal (Arambol, Goa, India)
Reiki Course - Level 2 , last day, energy hands (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course, 2009-10 (Arambol, Goa, India)
Supervised Shiatsu practice - individual instruction and correction of technique and body-mechanics.
Zen Shiatsu Level 3 - learning the Hara Diagnosis map
Zen Shiatsu Level 3 - Hara Diagnosis practice, Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (Arambol, Goa, India)

Asia - India and Thailand 

Courses from the mountains of Himachal and the Himalayas of north India to the beaches of Goa andthe plains of Thiruvanamalai in south India in Tamil well as Chiang Mai in north Thailand and the islands of south Thailand...China, Asia, Europe, Israel...different places and different people...


Here are a few more images from courses over the years - a glimpse that may give you an idea and a feel for the activities, the places, the people and the moments spent together. 

To see photos of the most recent Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course, winter 2012-2013 in    Arambol, Goa, click on one of the following links:

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To see photos of the Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2011-2012 

in Arambol, Goa click here.

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Zen Shiatsu Course 2003, Three Lotus House and Sunflower House, Ban Pong Din (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2010-11 (Arambol, Goa, India)
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course, 2006 (Arambol, Goa, India)
Practicing and developing concentration, awareness and emptiness. Knowing Touch Course. (Arambol, Goa, India)
Qi Gong practice, morning on the beach with the elements in nature. Wu Xing Course. (Arambol, Goa, India)
Meditation, grounding and self-healing practice. Knowing Touch Course. (Arambol, Goa, India)
Yin-Yang & 5 Phases
Wu Xing
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2011-12
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2012-13
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2013-14
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2015-16
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2016-17
Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course 2017-18