zen shiatsu integrated

zen shiatsu integrated


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Course Inquiry

When inquiring about a specific course or study program by email, kindly include the following details -

  • the course you are interested in 
  • course dates
  • general plans, time limitations (if any)
  • contact details - email, telephone 
  • any other details you may think are relevant for your inquiry
  • how or from who you heard about the course
* If there is a phone listed below - inquiries can be made directly by phone.

Appointment for Treatment

To inquire about treatments and to set an appointment, kindly do so first directly by telephone, if a number for your area is listed below. In case no number is listed, kindly send an email in this regard.


- Kindly send a message through this page to receive an updated phone number.

for reflection  ...  and inspiration

                        I hear and I forget.
                       I see and I remember.
                      I do and I understand.
                                             (Kong Fu Zi)