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Zen Shiatsu Level 3 - after an exercise of Hara diagnosis, students write down their findings and analyze the information according to TCM theory and principles. (Integrated Course in Arambol, Goa, south India)
Zen Shiatsu Level 3 - after an exercise of Hara diagnosis, students write down their findings and analyze the information according to TCM theory and principles. (Integrated Course in Arambol, Goa, south India)

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Students from different countries and origins, coming from a variety of professions and vocations, have participated in short and long courses in Asia, Israel and Europe. Some of the testimonials below were given right after the course while some were written years later.

They write about their individual experiences during and after courses of Zen Shiatsu, Knowing Touch, Reiki, Wu XingQi Gong and more. They share personal insights about the study programs, as well as the effects and benefits which they have observed on themselves, personally  and professionally. 

Unedited, brought here exactly as they were originally written, these are truly their own words.
To all my students, I am grateful and honored to be their teacher.  
Gratitude - the beginning of a Reiki session
Gratitude - the beginning of a Reiki session

In their own words...


"Thank you Sati, for being a great teacher. You were making sure that we learned the technique, but also the nurturing and listening touch and attitude, and that there is a whole energetical aspect to Shiatsu (Qi = life energy), which we focus on. I feel very grateful for so many things we learned and for having such an intense learning time together. Especially that we got glimpses into TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which is at the base of Shiatsu.

I feel very inspired about this reality of a medicine that is looking at a human and his diseases in a holistic way. Not treating the symptoms separately, instead supporting the whole human to come into balance (body, emotions, nutrition ...). Now I am working with Zen Shiatsu in Sweden. Again and again I feel so grateful that I am working with something I love. Thank you for all you taught me!!!!"

 - Stephanie (Austria), Zen Shiatsu practitioner - Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2017-2018, Goa, India)


"Just only to make us feel inside ourselves the power of our energy, in our Hara, to give to others througth the hands with that special quietness, that special listening and knowing touch it was worth to be there and share with you.Then, it came the passion for the teaching of TCM, this way you show us, so inspiring, so easy to understand, so beautiful to learn like this, so creative...you have a gift in teaching some things...I love what I have studied with you...
thank you. I hope I´ll find more teachers like you." 

 - Mar (Spain), Pharmacist, now also Zen Shiatsu practitioner & TCM student - Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2015-2016, Goa, India)


"Thank you for your precious teachings. I really enjoyed the course and appreciate your preparation and the care you structure the lessons. I think you have been able to give the maximum information possible in the time given ... and you made it possible to make it 'light'!

I was really impressed and fascinated from what we discovered about TCM so I bought some of the books you suggested and I found myself well prepared to read them...so thank you! The subject is very interesting..for me It just make sense and is sooo round!

I have to say I got a lot of benefit from this Indian experience of impermanence. Something has changed..like a little miracle....things that were affecting me are just gone.. but more than this ...There is a special sense of peace, satisfaction that I have never experience before. There is a new inner strength that is not powerful but steady, calm, confident and positive. I didn't expect to change my life but this new feeling helped me to have some new perspective."
 - Veronica (Italy), Zen Shiatsu practitioner - Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2016-2017, Goa, India)


Thank you for all your time, knowledge and dedication, your teaching was priceless and I learnt so much in 3 months that has taken you years!! Your last words are very very true...  practice makes it perfect... I am very happy to say I have 5 regular clients all have health conditions..  parkinsons, sciatica and lower back pain which are all a challenge and so far they are all very happy...and it is such a pleasure helping people and releaving ailments that western medicine and treatments can't find or touch. "
 - Matthew (UK), Yoga Teacher & Masseur, now also Zen Shiatsu practitioner - Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2015-2016, Goa, India)


"I am every day thankful for what I have learned with you, everyday using the knowledge and applying it for me and people around me. It is so useful and beneficial. I hope to learn more with you. Thank you."
 -Deea (Romania), Yoga Teacher, now also Zen Shiatsu practitioner - Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2015-2016, Goa, India)


"I'd like to express my gratitude to  Sati and her 3 month Integrated Zen Shiatsu Intensive Course. Upon commencement of the 3 months I had no previous experience in bodywork. However, upon completion I was not only able to provide full treatments with confidence, flow and correct intention, most importantly I was able to start engaging with the Chi. I hold this as one of the greatest treasures I received from my time studying with Sati. 

The course program presented the theory and practice of Shiatsu in a clear and personally engaging manner making my evolution enjoyable and fast. The focus on personal transformation and purification enabled me to progress into the realms of subtler energetic work through experiential knowledge. 

Sati is not only a rare and accomplished practitioner and teacher, but most importantly a truly inspirational being that lives and breaths what she passes on to others. May many others share in the transformational experience I was blessed with.” 

 - Ryan (Australia), B.A. in Social Sciences, musician, now Zen Shiatsu practitioner - 

 Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2011-2012, Goa, India)


"Thank you for teaching me Shiatsu and much more. You are a born teacher." 

 - Alessandro (Italy), Thai Massage and Shiatsu Practitioner -  Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2011-2012, Goa, India)


"The course was for me a way to break with the past, get in touch with my body and start caring for it. I am definitely on this path much stronger now and will continue. Thinking back on the course I have only admiration and truly feel I am honored being your student." 

 - Nils (Belgium), Artist -  Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2011-2012, Goa, India)


"I think this course is very good for people beginning in healing practice. The atmosphere was very good and friendly and you are very good at bringing good energy and a loving feeling to a group."

 - Pierre (Switzerland/France/Thailand), artist, Reiki teacher, Human Design  and PMT facilitator  - Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"I wanted to tell you thank you so much. Your teaching is perfect. You give all of your "connaisances" (knowledge) with a smile and compassion. It was one of the best experiences in my life, so thank you for all...Now, Shiatsu is my job. With your teaching...it was easy to keep my mind straight and strong. This course changed my life. I'm very lucky."

 - Julien (France) musician – Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2010-2011, Goa, India)


"You have been in my thoughts often over the last few years ...Your course introduced me to meditation and Chi kung as well as the 1st degree Reiki and I am so grateful as it has deepened my spiritual practice immensely. I will be offering Reiki on a donation basis, to pass on the generosity of spirit I learned from you." (Written in July 2006)

 - Ceri (UK) Alexander Technique therapist and Reiki practitioner - Reiki Level 1 Course (Three Lotus House 2002, Chiang Mai, Thailand) 


"I feel very fortunate to have spent these months studying with you. I feel like you’ve given me a great tool to learn more about life and myself and to share some love with the world around me wtih Shiatsu. What I so appreciate about the way you teach - namely that you've left me so free. You're honest in where you see an imbalance, but never pushing advice. You leave the responsibility really up to my self."

 - Malika (Holland) Medical student and Shiatsu student - Comprehensive Zen Shiatsu Course, Reiki and Qi Gong (January-March 2006 in Goa, India)


"I really enjoyed the course, very beautiful how you brought in the various aspects of how you connect to others to see, feel and listen to what they need. For me the most challenging parts were the ones about getting too close. Actually this was maybe something I was even a little bit afraid of. Maybe not the physical closeness but the closeness from heart to heart with somebody you hardly know. But after five days I didn't feel too strange. I think surely because you lead us slowly there. For me it was a great heart opening exercise, to connect to people really from the heart and not only on the surface."

 - Tom (Germany) Practitioner of Shiatsu, Acupuncture and various forms of complementary therapy - Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"I know I was not the perfect student for you, but you were the perfect teacher for me. You made me conscious of many realities in my life and in the life. You made me realize so many things with your teaching, and I am very very very GRATEFUL!!! I know the road is still long, but I have begun it...slowly slowly. I am ready for the adventure. Like you said, 'We have now a box of tools and we have the choice to use it not only for shiatsu, but also for other practices that can lead us to a better life for us and others." 

 - Laurent (Belgium) flare barman become Shiatsu practitioner – Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2010-2011, Goa, India)


"Thank you so much for a wonderful course. The whole experience was lovely. I think you have created a really special forum for people to explore "touch" and its boundaries in a most unique and supportive (supported) way. I learned so much! The exercises were challenging but also very rewarding. I know I'll be reflecting on the whole experience for a long time to come."

 - Kristen (USA) student of Acupuncture and complimentary therapies – Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"Dear Oda, I would like to tell you how grateful and blessed I am and Wild Rose Studio from having your presence and workshop there.  Thank you again for helping us to launch this project and for just being such a beautiful and strong healer- we are all that much better because of you and your practice."

 - Rosemary (USA) Yoga practitioner and owner/manager of Wild Rose Studio, Chiang Mai Thailand (January 2008)


"I am realizing now that I left the course with a tremendous gift in my hands." (written in 2011)

 - Veerle (Belgium) - Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course (2008-9, Goa, India)

"This course has exceeded my expectations. I have come in touch with something inside myself I didn't know was there. I have also become much more aware of how closed my heart has been, I didn't realize it had been. I can honestly say that this course is the start of something new and significant. Sensitively led and facilitated, Oda has drawn out the best in us and created a safe and warm environment which allowed me to explore and find." 

 - Marijke (Holland/ Spain) occupational therapist and hydro-colonic therapist - Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"It's about 6 years since you taught me Shiatsu. I must admit that your course is the base to all massage treatments that I give." (Written in July 2006)

 - Nir (Israel) IT specialist and Shiatsu practitioner - Shiatsu Course (August 2000, Ladakh, India) 


"Thank you for having transferred this Reiki knowledge and most of all for being what you are saying. It's really helpful to see and speak with a reality like you rather than read it in books. Thank you for allowing us to understand better the world and ourselves, for giving us keys and for being honest."

 - Stephanie (France) cabin crew, Air France - Reiki Level 1 Course (February 2008, Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu, India)


"Nice to bring people in this form together and to see where we all stay, regarding our borders and boundaries, with ourselves and with others. Sometimes challenging. The main thing I could take out of the course is to surrender more to intuition and feeling, connect to the quiet spot within and let it flow, trust and go beyond the mind (head).It doesn't so much matter what you do but how! Also, more awareness of my body and its working position."

 - Manuela (Austria) student of healing arts– Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"The workshop was a revelation to me. Also, you showed me the essence of Chi Gong. Now I know how to listen to my body. Also I learned to open up more to myself and other people. The sequence of exercises and the exercises themselves were just perfect for me. Thank you for this wonderful gift."

 - Evelyn (Germany/Thailand) - Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"What a week! I would love to have and to live  a week like this one all the year.This week has changed me. I was hoping that human beings are connected together; now I am sure. It can't be any other way. Merci."

 - Benoit (France) cabin crew, Air France - Reiki Level 1 Course (February 2008, Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu, India)


"The course was very interesting. I learned to be more patient, to listen to myself and to be more self-confident." 

 - Gianni (Italy) film maker, student of complementary therapies - Knowing Touch Course (December 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"I really enjoyed the 'Knowing Touch' workshop. The small group dynamic was something new to me. I was inspired. It is only a week later and already I am at a 'different place' in myself.  Movement. This is something which really interested me. A new confidence in 'going with the flow' and just feeling, which you taught me to explore. In understanding my self more, I hope to help others. Thank you for inspiring me."

 - Kirrah (Australia) Massage Therapist - Knowing Touch Course (January 2006, Goa, India)


"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for putting me on the Reiki path. I was your student in Chang Mai in 2002.  I've since gone on to become a Master in both Usui and Sekhem-Seichim Reiki and continue to make it a part of my life." (written in December 2006)

 - Julie (USA) – Reiki Level 1 Course (Three Lotus House 2002, Chiang Mai, Thailand)


"I've become extremely inspired about holistic healing and the methods that you know and practice It opened up these doors for me."

 - Kristen (Australia) - Reiki Level 1 and Knowing Touch Course (September 2007, Ladakh, India)

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