zen shiatsu integrated

zen shiatsu integrated


Treatment Sessions

Holistic natural therapy can be -

  • preventive  - for the maintenance and preservation of body-mind balance, harmony and energy levels and general health
  • therapeutic - for healing and restoring balance and harmony to physical and energetic aspects of the whole body-mind system

Receiving a Treatment

There are different reasons for receiving a holistic treatment:    

  • relaxation, stress-reduction and balancing of body and mind;   
  • general prevention of imbalance, dis-harmony and dis-ease;   
  • a specific condition of dis-ease or illness - physical, mental or emotional;    
  • knowledge comes from experience - before participating in a course, for personal experience of the technique, feeling the effects and having a general idea of what you will learn. If we have not met before,  then it is also a chance to meet, connect, and talk about the course.
The treatment techniques and methods are different, although all have a holistic approach, perceiving the body and the mind, matter and energy, as a whole system that is in constant flux, a system of checks and balances to maintain  or restore stability and vitality, as the case may be. External and internal causes which  affect body and mind can bring about imbalance, dis-harmony and changes in the overall sense of well-being.

On this page - A brief explanation about the treatment methods ...  

  • Zen Shiatsu
  • Rocking Technique
  • Reiki
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Wu Xing Session
  • Integrated Healing Sessions

Zen Shiatsu

A Japanese bodywork technique, soft yet deep, based on the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), incorporating a holistic view of the body. Treatments harmonize body and mind through nurturing, attentive and intuitive bodywork that affects physical as well as energy levels.

Diagnosis is based on TCM principles, Hara Diagnosis (abdominal palpation), sensitivity and intuition of the practitioner. The bodywork includes specific work on the energy system of organs and meridians (energy lines), pressure points (tsubo) and physical structures (muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, bones, etc.) through application of pressure, stretching, rocking and holding techniques. Treatments are done on the fully clothed body.

Rocking Technique

A gentle yet deeply resonating technique of rhythmic rocking of the body at a pace resembling that which we experience in our fetal stage in the womb. The constant even-paced rocking and swaying brings about the gradual release of tension and opening of blockages. This unique technique connects us to our inner core, centering body and mind, bringing awareness to tension and discomfort, which can then be released through movement and subtle presure. The result is a state of mental clarity and lightness, physical ease and comfort, general relaxation and well-being. Treatments are done on the clothed body.


Reiki is a gentle energy-based healing method, resulting in the balance and harmony of the chakras (energy centers), the aura and the physical body. It is powerful in its results yet subtle in its application, and brings about a release of blockages on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. 

Reiki accesses and activates the inherent energies which are present in each person. The session is relaxing and calming, while at the same time energizing and re-balancing. The receiver may experience different physical sensations and subtle mental states of heightened awareness and deep relaxation. The technique can be either done with applied physical touch or with the practitioner's hands completely off the receiver's body. The treatment is given while a person is fully clothed. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

(Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Guasha, Cupping, Herbal Medicine)

TCM is based on the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Philosphy and the empirical experience accumulated over thousands of years of clinical work. The body is viewed from a holistic perspective of physical, mental and emotional as components of one system. This system is constantly reacting to external and internal factors which may cause imbalance or energy and matter, bringing about disharmony that manifests in physcial and non-physical symptoms. The techniques used restore the body to a state of balance and harmony by working on the network of meridians (energy lines), organs and also the different physical structures (muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, bones, etc.).

Diagnosis is based on the principles of Yin-Yang and Wu Xing (Five Elements), using the four diagnostic techniques of observation, feeling, palpation, asking and listening, including pulse and tongue diagnosis. The work includes needling (special thin needles), moxibustion (a warming technique using a special medicinal herb), guasha (a form of scraping of the skin using oil) and cupping. Treatments may necessitate removal of certain articles of clothing.

Wu Xing Session

This is a private session to diagnose and map your personal Wu Xing dynamics. The study of Wu Xing (or the Five Phases/Elements) is the study of relationships in nature and observation of the five nature elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal – and application of these dynamics to the human body and mind in terms of balance and harmony that generate health and well-being of body and mind.

In a personal interview we will map these dynamics, see the interaction between the elements and how they create and affect your present life circumstances. Understanding these dynamics will bring forth your strengths and weaknesses, and also point out the sources of dis-harmony or potential imbalance on the physical, mental and emotional levels. The information from this session can point at recommended changes, additions or alterations in habits, practices and lifestyle to enhance your general health on all levels. The information from this diagnosis can serve as a source for general knowledge about your constitution and tendencies or to target specific conditions that need treatment and how to resolve them, as well as a support for your personal development towards general health and well-being.

Integrated Healing Sessions

In an integrated treatment session, or a series of sessions, therapeutic methods are combined according to individual needs. The result is a holistic treatment for body and mind adapted specifically to each person, addressing the existing states of disharmony and imbalance. the dioagnosis takes into consideration both conventional and complementary elements. Physical, mental and emotional aspects are attended to with the different methods of treatment.

If you are not sure which of the methods is best for you or just want to receive a treatment without choosing a specific technique, allow me apply my knowledge, experience and intuition to give you the treatment you need. 


In general

Treatment Effectivity - For lasting results it is recommended to have a series of treatment sessions over a set period of time. This is also true if one is interested in knowing the effects of a certain therapeutic methods or to observe the progression of a healing process.

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Payment for all treatments is based on Sliding-Scale Donation.

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