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Wu Xing

Wu Xing - the five phases or elements, energies in nature and in our body, a system of balance and harmony
Wu Xing - the five phases or elements, energies in nature and in our body, a system of balance and harmony

'Wu' means 'five', 'xing' means 'walkings' or 'phases'. 

Wu Xing is the theory of

The Five Walkings or Phases.

Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal - Water

nature's elements 

Wu Xing resonate in you,

the essence of balance and harmony.

What is Wu Xing? 

Wu Xing, the Five Walkings or the Five Phases - the name itself indicates characteristics of movement pertaining to the different qualities of Qi (energy) in the universe. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Wu Xing is the term used to describe the Theory of the Five Phases (sometimes called Five Elements) which, along with Yin/Yang, compose the basics of the philosophy underlying the practice of TCM.

The five phases correspond to the basic elements co-existing in nature - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Wu Xing is the investigation of relationships in nature and in man which differentiates between the manifestations of Qi in all phenomena. The ancient Chinese studied these relationships in nature and applied them to the dynamics of the human body and mind. This empirical observation lead to the conclusion that these five phases, elements or forces, and their constant interaction with each other, can be used as a working model to describe different aspects of human beings - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

By observing, understanding and experiencing the forces that govern the cycles of change in the external world around us we can see how they are duplicated within us, on the levels of body, mind and spirit. The same forces that affect our physical, sensory and perceptual body affect our emotional and mental state, as well as our spiritual attitudes. Recognizing the cyclic nature and characteristics of these forces, temporary and long-term, assists us in mapping and comprehending the processes of our own progress, development and growth as  a human being.  

This course is about... 

- living Wu Xing - a hands-on exploration of the concept of Wu Xing and how it can be a helpful tool for understanding your internal processes, life choices and self-growth. 

- feeling Wu Xing - investigating the Five Phases/Elements through meditation, visualization, sound and voice, colors, Qi Gong and nature. 

- studying Wu Xing - learning TCM philosophy about these phases, their physical, mental and emotional manifestations in states of balance and disharmony.  

- being Wu Xing in nature - practicing, exchanging, playing, enjoying and resonating with the different elements and their energies. 

 - acquiring a practical diagnostic tool that enhances the understanding of a healing process, for yourself and for others. 

- learning the basics of Wu Xing theory, nutrition, and practices that can complement your knowledge and personal body-mind cultivation

- experiencing Wu Xing all around you in the daily activities of the course and the surroundings. 

Wu Xing - for who?

This course is taught as part of the Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course. It is an essential part of the TCM theory that supports the clinical diagnosis as well as a foundation for giving advise to make life changes that can assist the patient in their healing process. It is also an inherent part of the personal development and cultivation process of each participant. If some one is interested in taking part only in the Wu Xing course unit, independent of the rest of the program, it may be possible, depending on space availability and suitability. 

The course can also be taught as an independent workshop, as an intensive residential retreat or in a less intensive format, non-residential as well as spread out in several sessions spread out over a longer time period.

Wu Xing can be an enriching learning experience for - 

  • therapists, healers, facilitators; 
  • any person who works in an advising or counselling context; 
  • a person interested in a tool for self-analysis of internal personality dynamics; 
  • as a perspective for understanding people in general; 
  • a curious mind interested in applied TCM theory of Wu Xing.

'Living Wu Xing - living in harmony and balance'

Wu Xing, cultivating the mind, meditation with the nature elements, at the root of a big tree.
Wu Xing, cultivating the mind, meditation with the nature elements, at the root of a big tree.

Wu Xing - When & Where

Wu Xing Courses take place wherever I am located, which in the past years is mostly in India (Goa), Thailand, as well as other parts of Asia, Israel and Europe. To see a current schedule click here. 

In general

Itinerary: This is a 7-day intensive course. During five days we are engaged each day with one of the phases/elements, studying the theory, working with it, practicing and experimenting using different techniques, exercises and dynamics. The last 2 days we integrate all into one, in class and in nature, seeing the dynamics and interactions and how this is useful in life in general and in the specific circumstances of therapy. 

Techniques: A colorful combination of practices and exercises, meditations, visualizations, qi gong, personal tasks and projects, as well as theory lectures, all serve to present the characteristics, functions and effects of Wu Xing, on a personal as well as on a general level. Exercises are done alone, with a partner and in a group.

Personal profile: As we progress in the course, you will be able to observe yourself in relation to each phase, gradually creating a profile of Wu Xing in you. You will be able to categorize your personal tendencies and inclinations, personality traits and life choices as they relate to Wu Xing. In this way you will be able to more clearly understand what is balanced and in harmony and what is not, as well as the possible solutions to these circumstances.

Clinical relevance: As you can understand yourself in such a way, so you can do the same for others, and this becomes a very useful tool in clinic, as well as any other circumstance where counseling is needed. You can diagnose and advise others about harmful tendencies and habits that create disharmony, imbalance and dis-ease, and thus guide them towards a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.   


Wu Xing Diagnosis Session: A private session to investigate, diagnose and map your personal Wu Xing dynamics, which can be either before or after a course, or independent of participating in a course. For more information on Wu Xing sessions and making an appointment click here.

For information on the next Wu Xing course click here

for reflection ... and inspiration 

Learn this from the waters;           2.  
In mountain clefts and chasms,    Empty things make a noise,
Loud gush the streamlets,            The full is always quiet.
But great rivers flow silently.        The fool is like a half-filled pot, 
                                                 The wise man is like a deep still 
(Sutta Nipata 720-721)