zen shiatsu integrated

zen shiatsu integrated


Zen Shiatsu Study Levels

Zen Shiatsu head treatment - cranial holding and energizing
Zen Shiatsu head treatment - cranial holding and energizing

Learning Zen Shiatsu is a gradual learning process that begins with general bodywork.

Continuing into subtle energy work and advancing to skillful diagnosis and treatment.

Traditional theory and a perfected practice combine, becoming one holistic therapy that affects body, energy and mind.

 - On this page is a general description of the main subjects taught in each level. 

Each level is an independent study unit with its central subjects and points of emphasis. At the same time, each level is also directly connected to the other levels, in theory as well as in practice. Some subjects are addressed again from a different perspective, giving a more holistic view of the therapeutic aspects of Zen Shiatsu.    
Zen Shiatsu - the basic back treatment
Zen Shiatsu - the basic back treatment

Zen Shiatsu Level 1

(50-55 hours)

- Introduction to the basic concepts of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy and approach to health, causes of dis-ease, concepts of Qi (energy), Yin and Yang.  

- Develop sensitivity and awareness to the body's Qi and working with Qi from the Hara (center of energy, feeling and intuition).  

 - Learn how to give a holistic, deeply energetic treatment to harmonize body and mind, focusing on connection, feeling, flow and harmony. 

- Introduction to the concepts and working principles of tsubo (points), kyo and jitsu (empty and full).

 - Learn the basic back and front of the body treatment sequences - the back and legs, arms and shoulders, chest, neck, head and face.

- Give a complete back and front treatment, focusing on flow, harmony, energy and balance. 

This study level emphasizes correct bodywork of the practitioner (body mechanics) according to Shiatsu principles, Zen principles of the right state of mind, as well as the basic practical aspects of Qi and Hara work. 

Zen Shiatsu Level 2

(50-55 hours) 

- Introduction to TCM concepts of Wu Xing, 3 Treasures, and Qi production in the body. 

- Deepen and refine awareness of Qi and working with principles of Kyo, Jitsu and tsubo. 

- Learn the basic treatment sequence in side position, abdominal work and rocking technique.

- Introduction to therapist ethics, contra-indications to treatment in general and special circumstances. 

- Integrate level 1 and 2 into a balanced, holistic, flowing, energizing and harmonizing treatment with general and specific work according to tsubo diagnosis, applying the sequences and techniques learned until now. 

This study level emphasizes the holistic aspect of the treatment, physically as well as energetically, with deep energy work based in correct hara work of the practitioner. 

Zen Shiatsu - hara work, connecting, feeling, listening, diagnosing and balancing
Zen Shiatsu - hara work, connecting, feeling, listening, diagnosing and balancing

Zen Shiatsu Level 3

(65 hours) 

- Introduction to the basic TCM theory of the organ systems, their inter-dynamics, the Chinese Bodyclock and application of these concepts in daily life. 

- Learn the 12 classic meridians (energy lines), their location and function in the body and important acupresure points.

- Practice work on the meridians to release blockages and harmonize the energy flow by refining skills of working with tsubo, Kyo and Jitsu.

- Hara and Back diagnosis - diagnosing imbalances of the body's energy through corresponding association areas of the organ systems in the abdomen and the back.

- Learn how to balance Kyo and Jitsu in the Hara diagnostic areas and their corresponding meridians.

- Enhance the skills of Qi work, intuition, sensitivity, nourishing and flow in a comprehensive holistic treatment.

- Integrate all 3 study levels, learn how to combine theoretical knowledge with practical physical work and create the optimal holistic, balanced and therapeutic treatment.

This level emphasizes the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical bodywork, focusing on Hara work, intuition and feeling. 

Clinical Preparation

(5-7 days)
- In this level, course participants have an opportunity to apply everything they have learned, practiced and understood in a simulation of the clinical environment, under the supervision of the teacher. 
- Each student, in turn, plays the role of a 'therapist' who is receiving a 'patient', diagnosing and analyzing the case, creating a treatment plan, giving an actual treatment and advising regarding lifestyle changes, exercise, nutrition, etc.
- While one student plays the part of the therapist, the other students act as silent observers, watching the process, taking notes and commenting when appropriate. In this way they all learn from each other.
- A course discussion will follow each role-playing to analyze, understand and draw conclusions about the clinical case, as well as offer constructive comments to the 'therapist' regarding clinical skills.
- The 'patients' may be other students from the course or some one from outside the course, invited to be the patient, as may fit the case.
Clinical Preparation - observation and study of a clinical case in class
Clinical Preparation - observation and study of a clinical case in class

This is a unique study unit. A clinical preparation and simulation that concludes the comprehensive training of the Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course. 

It is a practical summary of the program, a holistic integration of all the subjects transmitted, combining theory and practice into one complete picture and applying it in a clinical setting, simulating a realistic therapy environment.

In general

Body-Mind Cultivation

Qi Gong, Do-In, Yoga and Meditation are practiced in all the levels, according to their relevance to the subject matter and fitting the daily program.


All the Zen Shiatsu courses emphasize hands-on experience and practical aspects, through exercises and exchange of bodywork between course participants and work with teacher and assistants.


The Zen Shiatsu Levels listed above are taught as a complete study and training program, as in the Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course, or as concise independent courses/workshops. To see the upcoming course schedule go to the When and Where page.  

Former Students

For those who have learned any of these Shiatsu Levels with me in the past and are interested in re-doing a level, continuing from where you left off or assisting in an on-going program, please contact me in advance to make necessary arrangements.

If you have learned Shiatsu in different institutions and are interested in joining a program or specific segments are welcome to contact me to check different options. 

Zen Shiatsu Treatments

Before taking a course, it is worthwhile to receive a treatment to feel and experience what is Zen Shiatsu. Course participants can also receive treatments while the program is in session. Treatments are beneficial for general relaxation and balancing of the body or for specific conditions, and are available wherever I am located. 

Treatment sessions by advance appointments only. For more information on treatments and setting an appointment click here

Course Fee

Payment for courses is based on a Sliding-Scale Donation

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