zen shiatsu integrated

zen shiatsu integrated


When & Where

Upcoming Activities -

Integrated Zen Shiatsu  

Therapist Foundations

Short & Long Courses & Retreats

 (Winter 2023 - Spring 2024)

Dec 2023 - Feb 2024: MEXICO

Apr - June 2024: MOROCCO

* Coming Soon - exact dates, course modules & retreat content

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Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course

 Therapist Foundations

(250 Hours)

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This course is a comprehensive and intensive training program given over a period of 11-12 weeks. Below is an example of how a complete program would look if taught between June and September 2024, as well as some basic information about registration and participation. 

 - General Course Itinerary

Arrival & Orientation  - June 8-14 

Orientation Meeting   - June 12 (for all registered participants)

Main Course Period    - June 15, 2024 -  September 1, 2024

 - Course Study Units 

Unit 1 - June 15 - August 2 - Knowing Touch,  Zen Shiatsu Levels 1 & 2

Unit 2 - August 3 - September 1 - Hara Diagnosis and 12 Classic Meridians, Clinical Preparation & Summary 

* In a slightly different and expanded format there could be a one-week break between Unit 1 and Unit 2. 

  ** For details on course content - see Integrated Zen Shiatsu Course page

General Information about the Integrated Course

- Course Size

A complete course as listed above will open with 6 pre-registered participants. The total number of participants is limited to a relatively small and intimate group, to allow ample personal and individual attention and instruction. In case of less than the minimum number, changes may occur in the above schedule, all or part of the segments may be taught, to be decided by the teacher at the relevant time. The option of private teaching is also available (see below). 

 - Schedule Changes

Although course dates and schedules are set in advance, at times unforeseen circumstances necessitate slight adjustments in schedule. In such cases a measure of flexibility and understanding will be appreciated. 

 - Advance registration

For full or partial participation advance registration is recommended due to the limited number of participants in each course. Registration for the full program commences as soon as the schedule is posted. To register and reserve a place in the course it is best to make contact in advance.

 - Full/Partial participation

Priority is given to full participation students. Requests to participate in certain segments or course units of a program will be considered, pending space availability, individual circumstances and suitability. 

... see more below...

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Reiki Courses

Scheduling of Reiki courses is possible upon request in the weeks before the Integrated Zen Shiatsu course begins, during the break, or after the program is finished. 

- Treatments

Course participants  are welcome to receive Zen Shiatsu (as well as TCM, Acupuncture, Reiki) treatment sessions before and during the program, to have a personal experience of the techniques, their effects and benefits. Receiving treatments on a regular basis while the course is in progress, not only benefits your general health, but also contributes to your learning through actual personal experience.  


Other Activities & Courses

 - Short Courses, Workshops, Retreats, Private Treatment Sessions

when : December 2023 - June 2024

where : Morocco & Mexico

(scheduling by personal request possible)

- It is possible to organize Comprehensive courses & shorter Intensive Retreats/Workshops on demand and upon invitation. In general, the content can be -  Zen Shiatsu,  Knowing Touch,  Reiki,  Wu XingQi Gong-Do-In-Yoga-Meditation.

- Locations - Thailand, india, China, Europe, Israel

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Images from India and Thailand

In General

Private Teaching

Personal, one-on-one teaching, tailored to individual needs, can be arranged upon request. Contact directly to meet, discuss and coordinate.

Assisting in Courses

Any one who has studied with me in the past, or has completed similar programs, and wishes to be an assistant in a course, is welcome to contact in advance to check this option.

Hosting/Organizing Courses

If you wish to host or organize a course in your area, center, studio or home, you are most welcome to take the initiative. Contact me in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Inquiries and Information

For any further information, inquiries about these and any other subjects click here


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