zen shiatsu integrated

zen shiatsu integrated


Course Registration


Advanced registration  is recommended to reserve your place in a course. This is practical for course planning, organizing and notification to potential students about place availability. Due to the small class sizes, each person who has registered reserves one of the few places in that course. To ensure that those who are truly serious about the course can participate, certain policies are applicable regarding registration, payment, cancellation and refund, as mentioned below.

Registration for the full program commences as soon as the schedule is posted. To register and reserve a place in the course it is best to make contact in advance.

Full and Partial participation

Priority is given to full participation students. Requests to participate in certain segments or course units of a program will be considered, pending space availability, individual circumstances and suitability. 

Group size - Each course has a limited number of participants. The relatively small group size allows for close supervision and adequate individual attention from teacher to student, as well as a study environment conducive to a supportive, wholesome, and comfortable group dynamic.

Every course has  a minimum participation number with which a course will open, as in most of the courses there are practices and exercises done with partners or as a group. The Zen Shiatsu Integrated Course requires a minimum of 6 participants. In the event of less participants than the minimum specified for a, a decision regarding the opening of such course will be made by the teacher closer to the starting date. 

Course fee

Each course has a basic course fee and an additional non-obligatory donation fee. Together these two parts form a certain Sliding-Scale Donation range. To register and thus reserve a place in a course, an initial down-payment is required equal to 50% of the course fee (which is in fact the minimum of the sliding-scale for that course). The remaining 50% shall be paid no later than a specified time before the beginning of the program (to be notified for each program separately). To receive information regarding the sliding-scale donation fee for a specific course, as well as payment options and deadlines click here.

In case of cancellation of participation, if it is in due time before the beginning of a course, a predetermined sum of the registration fee will not be refunded. In case of cancellation close to the beginning of a course, or termination of participation after the course has begun, no refund shall be given. In this regard, each course will have specific tiem frames and dates. (Exceptional circumstances shall be dealt with individually.)


Upon completion of the course, having acquired personal experience and feeling for what one has received, each participant is welcome to give an additional donation, if he/she is capable financially of doing this and/or feels an urge to do so. This donation is an opportunity to express your personal appreciation and sense of value for the course experience, the teaching and the teacher/s.  For this purpose one may be guided by the sliding-scale range initially quoted for that course. This donation goes towards generating more of the same in future, such as you have yourself received at present, and also to enable financial aid and study scholarships to potential students, when needed. Read more about the concept and the intentions at the root of the Sliding-Scale Donation. 

A Personal Meeting

Usually, before beginning a course there will be an orientation meeting where all course participants meet as a group for the first time. This meeting may also be the first time you meet me as your course teacher. My experience is such that it is beneficial to meet in person with each student before a course begins, to have a chance for a personal one-on-one encounter, talk and get to know each others. This meeting can be set anytime before the course begins. I welcome the opportunity to know you personally.

Making Contact

To register, inquire about the sliding-scale donation for a certain course or any other information click here.

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May my Actions be connected to my heart,    
May my Heart  be connected to the Truth,    
May the Truth within me be connected to the Divine,    
May the Divine be reflected in my Actions.   

(Buddhist prayer)